Meetings and Events Solutions


At Enoch Limo, we understand the complexity of gathering a large group of travelers to convene in one location. From gathering flight information and checking to make sure each VIP is accounted for, we are specialists in frictionless logistics. Our extensive experience in roadshows, board meetings, and conferences makes us the obvious choice to manage your next large event. Here is our process on how we accomplish such large undertakings, yet make it so seamless for all parties involved.

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Manifest Management

We make it simple for any travel manager to give us their list of VIPs and compile a live manifest to account for all travelers. Our live manifest is a link to an up-to-the-minute listing of all travelers, to/from information, and chauffeur assignments. Need to make a last-minute change, the live manifest will reflect all changes to avoid email confusion and is more accurate than any excel sheet which is subject to errors. Plus dispatch and chauffeur information will be updated instantly without having to inform each one individually

Quality Control

We’re obsessed with the details. We check, double-check, and triple-check to make sure each leg of travel is up to date. Flights will be tracked for early arrivals, delays, or diversions. Our ground team will ensure that they connect with their VIP and the vehicle requested is in line with the needs of the riders.

Dispatch Teams

Our quality controls are handled by a team of dispatchers that are true city connoisseurs. They know the traffic, whether there are obstructions at the venues and where each chauffeur is located at any given time. They will touch base with each chauffeur before any pick-up to go over the itineraries of the VIPs. They’re the back office heroes that ensure all riders are accounted for and in the event of an emergency, are the best to handle any situation with their GPS enabled technology and logistics expertise

Meet and Greet

Arriving in a new city can be intimidating for a first-time out-of-town traveler. Our field team will coordinate a warm welcome for your VIP by providing a greeter at the airport. Our greeters are capable of carrying a sign with the VIPs name on an iPad as well as a company logo for an even easier connection. We can also provide a foreign-speaking greeter at airport arrival to assist in navigating a smooth transition from air to ground. Avoid having your VIPs getting lost and confused once they exit customs and have our greeter assist with luggage and coordinating with their chauffeur.

The Fleet


Enoch Limo Service operates a professional fleet of clean, late-model vehicles that are meticulously maintained to ensure your safety.  Each is fully equipped for client comfort and convenience, whether you are traveling for business or leisure. Enoch Limo is fully licensed and insured.

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Our Chauffeurs


At Enoch Limo Service, we’re only as good as our professional chauffeurs, which is why we settle for nothing but the best. All of our chauffeurs are drug tested, background checked, trained, including 40 plus hours of vehicle safety, defensive driving, customer service, and local geography. All chauffeurs are properly licensed and insured, in addition to our vehicles, meeting or exceeding all state and federal requirements.